Grand Galactic Republic

Prepare for the Return of Mandalore's Finest


Grand Galactic Republic

We're Back Boss

We use mainly discord for communication right now:

 Welcome to the GGR clan website, a clan that has been around playing swbf1 for 9 years. Known a long time ago as MES, or Mandalorian Elite Squad, we have grown stronger with members from all around the world and all ways of life. We are a friendly and fun clan that just wishes to have fun with friends. Join Today

Updates-New website layout! New Pages

Anyone visiting, Grettings! this is the underground site
we have a twitter Feed: 
A great site made by roth here: 
We have a facebook page as well here: 

-Any new members I welcome you to our new site! If you want to join GGR or our website, use the register button. Xfire is optional but helpful for us to keep track of our members. If you are new say hello on the Talk system.

-New admins: Jony, Fro, Roth

-New Members: Riklaymer, FiniteParadox, Dark4ngelsWing, ButterMyToast, Mountaineer, Viper, NovaTitan

-Promotions: High Velocity, Mr.TwistyFilms

-New servers: 

-New Pages: Calender, Forums

-GGR xfire chatrooms:GGR Iron, GGR Tera, GGR Gold

Mandalorian warrior of the month: