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Reply TVPPlorm
9:49 AM on July 31, 2018 
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Reply Bernadette
8:20 AM on July 24, 2018 
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9:42 AM on February 6, 2018 
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(GGR)Sgt.Pettie says...

So, how exactly are we still playing, being that Gamespy is dead? Also, hello again.

Pettie! we can play on swbf again with the fix at swbfgamers, we also have a modpack for minecraft, branches on TERA and SWTOR being made, future plans of a gmod server and a branch on warframe as well. We got plenty of things in store :P Do you have a way I can contact you? Kik, skype, razer comms, discord or steam will work :3

Reply (GGR)Sgt.Pettie
4:32 PM on May 25, 2016 

So, how exactly are we still playing, being that Gamespy is dead?

Also, hello again.

Do you have a way i can contact you scouter, skype, kik, steam? Much to fill you in on

Yeah you have xD i see you got my email haha

Reply [GGR]Mct.$couter{39}
6:19 PM on May 18, 2016 

Guess i've been away longer than i thought...

Reply Soul
3:43 PM on January 5, 2015 

What's up everyone, don't know if anyone remembers me.  How's everyone doing?

Reply Joseph
11:50 PM on December 9, 2014 

Star Wars: Battlefront is celebrating 10 years of gaming this December and we want you back to celebrate with us during the period of December 25th-January 1st on GameRanger and on our new GameMaster internet master server service. Our goal is to have one last blast of filled servers.

A patch for the GameMaster (Gamespy replacement) and instructions are are available on the front page of[1] . Let us know if you need help getting set up with GameRanger or GameMaster. We invite you to find your old game disk and join us to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of this great game. The regulars will try to be on as much as possible, especially on the weekends.

My xfire is joseph9371, I'll help you set up GameMaster and a no-cd patch if you need it. Also, here's a video on how to get SWBF1 multiplayer working:[2]


Reply (GGR)Sqm.High Velocity{98th}
11:01 AM on October 7, 2014 
Nova I can train you, what time zone are you in (or what is your timezone, Eastern time? Central time?.... Excetra) and what times are you on? (By the way Razor that's one thing we should add to the site, timezones so we can tell what time it is for what person, and so they can tell what time it is for us.) (Sorry Iphone posts it to the site all mashed up together, I will try to change it later.)
Reply BOB.sir.Mirky
5:39 PM on October 5, 2014 

Howdy NovaTitan,


I'm just going to cut in here... There are no clans currently conducting regular training sessions, sadly. Of course all of the active clans have members who play often, it is just a question of when. Of course I can't answer that for you, but there are usually members on during the weekends or evenings.


With regards,



Reply NovaTitan
2:17 AM on September 27, 2014 

When are training sessions? I cannot find calendar or tentative schedules. I want to be on when you guys are usually on. ;)

Reply (GGR)Vet.Razor{MES}{Kath Hounds}{4th Besilisk}
5:49 PM on September 24, 2014 

Welcome Pvt. NovaTitan to GGR :D

Reply NovaTitan
11:05 PM on September 23, 2014 

Hey, y'all. I'm [GGR]Pvt.NovaTitan reporting in. I'm actually a Private for the U.S. Army in real life. :) I hope we have some fun, but real life will start butting in from time to time. But, I'll make sure to always come in regularly!

Reply (GGR)Vet.Razor{MES}{Kath Hounds}{4th Besilisk}
10:03 PM on September 20, 2014 

Recruited a new member today by the name of NovaTitan, his xfire is novatitanproductions :)

Reply {GGR}Adm.Jony (303rd) (STRKE)
9:19 PM on September 20, 2014 

Thank you sir~

Reply (GGR)Vet.Razor{MES}{Kath Hounds}{4th Besilisk}
9:12 PM on September 20, 2014 

Welcome back admiral 

Reply {GGR}Adm.Jony (303rd) (STRKE)
9:00 PM on September 20, 2014 

I'm back gentlemen....

Reply (GGR)Vet.Razor{MES}{Kath Hounds}{4th Besilisk}
11:14 PM on September 16, 2014 

welcome moutaineer :D