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GGR Awards/H.O.F/M.O.M

Hall of Fame 

Jacob: Commander of the 212th,one of the first mandalorians. Received title of Mandalore the Survivors

Sharen: Commander of the 39th Marine corp. Received the title Mandalore the Great. Returned to join sister clan GRC, but went MIA after a short time.

Roth: Commander and leader of GGR. Raised armies and republic since the beginning. Returned to be named Mandalore the One.

Bang: Member of Mes and GGR,one of the best marksmen I knew. Was a Wusi soldier till Josh Brought her back to her roots.

DummyBot: One of the founding fathers that brought the clan back together, will be missed.

Blackburn: One of the founding fathers that brought the clan back together, a good friend, will be forever missed.

Dark: One of the founding fathers who brought the clan back together, was second in command at the time and shaped up most of the newest recruits at the time. A great friend

Sere: Was named second in command of squad x by Broom, departed after the system purge. Was trained by Phoenix, Broom, and Dark to be one of the best snipers they ever taught. 

Jony: Leader of the 303rd Naval assault and long term member of the clan. Retired after the purge of the servers. Was a good friend and a great tactical commander.

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