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Grand Galactic Republic Branches and Squads

If you have an idea for a branch or squad, PM Wolfe with ideas

Branches must have a 3 digit number and a unique name.

Squads must have a 2 digit number and a unique name.

Branches, Squads, Mandalorian Of The Month

This is the area in which we remember the squads and battalions that were and the squads and battalions that are now.

Branches/Squads not used at the moment

707th Phoenix Commandos

Splinter Squad

57th Naval Assault

72nd Kath Hounds

27th Zeal Squad

Branches/Squads Alive

4th Besilisk Marines-Roth

98th Nexu Claw-Fro

303rd Hells Daemons-Zan

56th Hellra Commandos-Unknown

Dead Branches/Sqauds

39th marines-Sharon

212th airborne-Jacob

79th marines-Unknown

Squad X-(Changed to Kath Hounds)Broom

Silent Snipers-(Changed to Nexu Claw)Fro *Reserved* Caboose

Mandalorian Of The Month Inductees


Month of August 2013

Achieved for being active and surviving the long silence and acted upon command to return when needed.

Month of July 2013
Achieved for creating a squad and keeping it active, recruited many members into the clan at this time.

(GGR)Sql.High Velocity{98}

Month of September 2014

For bringing life back into the clan and recruiting several new members, as well as finding new members to join all the time. Commanding the 98th Nexu Claw while Fro is gone and establishing GGR back into swbf.

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