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Grand Galactic Rrepublic Ranks/ Special Positions

The Ranks and Special Positions in GGR

This is where you can scour the many ranks to see where you are, how far you have come in the clan, and how far you may still have to go.  

"A little inspiration for you, the ranks may look scary, but I was able to start from a wee sergeant, to the leader of our armies" -Wolfe

Promotions: Staying active, recruiting, or given authority by one of the leaders. 

The promotion and demotion system has now been updated, along with the ranking system to give it a lil more pazzaze. Each tier is awarded an emblem, which will be put on each members avatar photo, now they wont give any cool perks, its just to keep track of whos where and in what tier easier..... and the'll look pretty freckin sweet. Promotions are given to you only when you are rewarded them, so no free ranks anymore, sorry. Demotions are also going to be a new and working thing as well, if you are not active enough and without giving any information as to why or when you'll be back, you will be demoted. Although I still need to work this out, as of now you will not be demoted out of a tier, but will most likely happen in the future which will hopefully encourage you to stay active to try to achieve the next tier.

Special Positions: Given to soldiers who prove themselves worthy of taking up special tasks for the clan.

Grand Galactic Republic Ranks*The 4th Basilisk Battalion* (Other branches ranks vary)
















Commander Ranks



Basic Training Ranks

Rct- Recruit

Pvt- Private

Mmy- Mandalorian mercenary

Cmy- Clone mercenary

232nd Razor Battalion

Clt-Clone trooper

Cmt- Clone Mandalorian trooper

Crt- clone renegade trooper

Ctt- Clone tactical trooper

Trs- Trooper recon specialist

Crt- Clone recon trooper

Ccr- Clone Crusader

Crc- Clone renegade crusader

Ccl- Clone corporal

Etc- Elite Trooper corporal

Tst- Trooper sergeant

Sfc-Sergeant first class
Sct-Supreme clone sergeant
Flt-First lieutenant
Slt-Second lieutenant

Wmt- war medical trooper

Swm- Supreme war medic

Cct- Clone cadet

Ofl-Officer first lieutenant
Osl-Officer second lieutenant
Cof-Commanding officer

Cct- Clone captain

Ccs- Clone captain supreme

Mjr- Major

Lnt- Lieutenant

Ltc- Lieutenant commando

Ltm- Lieutenant major

Cit- Commando in training

Rco- Republic commando

Csl- Commando squad leader

Cwl- Clone commander warlord

Coa-Commander of the army

Cma-Clone mandalorian advisor
Goa-General of the army

 567th Mandalorian


Mnw-Mandalorian warrior
Smw-Supreme mandalorian warrior

Mpr-Mandalorian protector
Mps-Supreme mandalorian protector 
Mct-Mandalorian clone trooper
Mns-Mandalorian specialist
Mrt-Mandalorian renegade trooper
Mcr-Mandalorian crusader
Mrc-Mandalorian renegade crusader
Mlt-Mandalorian legacy trooper

Mep-Mandalorian Elite corporal
Smc-Supreme mandalorian corporal
Mns- Mandalorian sergeant

Sms-Supreme mandalorian sergeant
Mnl-Mandalorian Lieutenant
Sml-Supreme mandalorian lieutenant
Mws-Mandalorian war surgeon
Mwm-Mandalorian war medic
Smm-Supreme mandalorian medic

Mnc-Mandalorian cadet
Smt-Supreme mandalorian cadet
Moc-Mandalorian officer
Smo-Supreme mandalorian officer
Mcs-Mandalorian captain supreme
Mnl-Mandalorian lieutenant

Mct- Mandalorian commando in training

Mco- Mandalorian commando
  Mpc-Mandalorian protector commando
Mcl- Mandalorian commando squad leader

Smd-Supreme mandalorian commando
Mwl-Mandalorian war lieutenant
Mwo-Mandalorian war officer
 Mwd-Mandalorian warlord
 Mlg-Mandalorian lieutenant commander
 Mcc-Mandalorian clone advisor

Mwg- Mandalorian war general

Mandalore Ranks


Special Positions

Sql-Squad leader 

Sqm-Squad member

Tro-Training officer

Avk-Archive keeper

Loc-Link of communications member 

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